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Tithing is no longer demanded children of Israel

If this website has blessed you in any way, and blessed your heart feel free to give a freewill offering. It will help keep this website online and continue to spread the Good News/Torah to others.


Cheerfully giving from the heart is a virtue. However, fraudulently fleecing the flock by exacting ten percent of parishioner’s paychecks under fear of breaking an Old Testament law of tithing is a sin!

It is far past time that we offer a little comfort to the millions of people in our nation and around the world who are chafing under the constant burden of supporting ministers and televangelists who live lifestyles so materialistic and worldly that even Hugh Heffner would be envious. I’m not trying to be humorous about these characters; I’m dead serious.

Well I certainly don’t begrudge any minister an honest living. However, I do believe that when many of these modern televangelists (and others) feel the need to have everything they own gold gilded, just maybe their greed and vanity starts to destroy their effectiveness as dispensers of Elohim’s Truths.

There is no need for people to feel guilty over any religious doctrine. It is time we rid ourselves of guilty consciences. Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this paper your guilt over tithing or non-tithing will be gone forever!

It is our sincere desire that all who have been chafing under the unscriptural burden of The followers of Messiah tithing will feel free at last to follow their heart in giving to whomever they desire as Elohim prospers them. John 8:32 tells us that Truth is Freedom:



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