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By James on December 25, 2013 in Insightful Books

Gems of Truths Hidden &

Waiting to be Discovered


Here are a few books where I have found some astonishing facts hidden within them.  I recommend these books for the simple reason, that they contain vital information needed for the true believer of today, especially for todays advancing world.

All that is needed is a Teachable Spirit, One that is yearning for spiritual growth, One that seeks and hungers after Righteousness.

I advise that the seeker of Truth sincerely pray for the discernment of the Ruach Hakodosh to help in gathering and extracting the important information contained in these books. 

Some of these books cover topics such as the importance of prayer, true health, consecration, the healing of the tongue, natural cures, restoration of Yahuahs Kingdom, pagan customs, active faith, and YAHUAHs True Language to name a few with others shortly to be added.

I do not agree with all that is written, so I will let you decide for yourself when you read any of these books, only the Ruach of YAHUAH can lead you into all Truth not man.

  1. Hidden Messages in Water –  Masaru Emoto
  2. The Natural Prostate Cure – Roger Mason
  3. Natural Cures(They” Do not want You To Know About – Kevin Trudeau
  4. Restoration – Returning The Torah of Elohim To The Disciples of Yahuah-Yahsha
  5. Nazarene Israel – The Original Faith of The Apostles
  6. Come Out of Her My People – C.J. Koster
  7. A Mantle In Israel – Aderet White
  8. The Consecrated Way – A.T. Jones
  9. Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of The Bible – Jeff A. Benner
  10. Created To Be His Help – Meet    Debi Pearl
  11. To Train Up A Child – Michael & Debi Pearl
  12. Christianity UNMASQUED — Dan Israel
  13. The Dead Sea Scrolls — Michael Wise, Edward Cook
  14. The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception — Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh
  15. The Law and Grace — Todd D. Bennett
  16. Temple At The Center of Time — David Flynn
  17. Biblical Womanhood In The Home — Nancy Leigh DeMoss
  18. Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide – Marshall Masters
  19. Know The Future – A Bible Prophecy Breakthrough – Tim McHyde
  20. The Five Books of Moses – The Schocken Bible, Volume 1 – Everett Fox
  21. The Two Babylons – Alexander Hislop
  22. The POWER of Spoken BLESSINGS – Bill Gothard
  23. The War Manual – Bill Niland

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