My Story


Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey

My name is Jimmie Santiago, I was born on June 23rd, 1968 to two humbled Puerto Rican parents, I have a brother as well his name is Cesar who I truly love and admire.  My parents had no spiritual affiliation with any church, but my mother Carmen mixed herself up with white magic which is called (Santaria) she had no idea what she got involved in but later realized it was a mistake and turned from it. 

She began going to church on Sundays and eventually devoted herself to Catholicism and for the next 20 years this is where she attached herself and this is where I learned too.  I didn’t consider myself truly devoted only went on some Sunday’s, I also did my confirmation and received my baptism through this church.  As time went on and I experienced life, I felt a void in many areas of my life I wanted to know why my life was so depressing and dark, I had many issues physically and spiritually as well as financially.  My life was empty and wrecked with quite a few anxieties that I could not shake it was truly unfruitful and going nowhere fast, I also led a very unhealthy life style and had an early form of cancer in my prostate it was not looking good for me, my brother specialized in holistic healing and used alternative medicine to heal oneself naturally.  He one day examined me and told me that I had many problems with my health and that if I continued to eat the way that I did I would not be around to much longer.

All of these problems, and I was only 25 years old at the time, I was truly in a very dark place in my life.  I realized that my time was short and needed to do something fast.

In order to escape these problems I would go and experiment with drugs and alcohol and also picked up smoking cigarettes too, it was the only way I would feel distant from what was happening but instead of it giving me relief I would feel worse and desperate to find happiness, I was 14 at the time I went on this way for the next 10 years along the way I had a couple of relationships that almost killed me from grieve I guess it was not meant for me to get married or have a family of my own I kept having bad relationships ending in my partner’s being with others, I guess I had a curse placed on me and my generation for that matter because it was repetitious. 

Sometime later I met another young lady which I fell in love with and eventually had a family we had 2 beautiful boys I did not even get married with her out of fear that my relationship turn out like my mothers in adultery and divorce.  I tried to make this relationship work so much but I guess I failed because I still was unhappy, empty and very depressed.

In the year 1999 my brother Cesar gave me a bible as a gift and would come to my home to pray for me and my family and he would talk to me often about God and His mercies but I would mock him and say that I would never turn to God no matter what, I also swore to my brother that I would have no use for the bible that he gave me.  I told him that I believed in God in my own way just as many of us do today.  Boy was I wrong to say that to him.  You see friends sometime later I came to the lowest point in my life but before I tell you what happened I will tell you about the seed of faith that my brother placed in me that started to change me.

Little by little I began to pray in my mind and started seeking God and soon I was opening up to the possibility of letting the great I am into my life I began to go to a Seventh Day Adventist church with my brother I began to read the bible and things started to open up to me and started to make sense in a way, but I still was struggling to overcome many vices that I had.  This brings me to that point in my life were I could say that I had a supernatural conversion and I praise His name for what he did for me I truly don’t have the words to this day of what transpired that day it was that amazing.  It began with me being at the darkest hour of the little life that I had left I wanted to have a one on one with the almighty and I wanted to know him more to experience what it was to truly understand for once in my life the creator of the universe and if he would save me because I was at the point of committing suicide because I felt that I was a waste on this earth and that my life was going nowhere.

While my girl friend and children slept I was having the biggest struggle of my life I heard in my head a voice telling me to end my life and that I was not good and that no one would care if I were gone this was the enemy whispering his destroying words to me, but as I continued to cry out to the almighty I had a sense of another voice within me encouraging me to continue to ask and pray whole heartedly I went on for almost an hour asking Abba to reveal himself to me I told him I know that there is a real father in heaven and that he truly existed and that I believed in his son Yahusha (Jesus) and that there was more to him than what the Catholics and Christians were teaching me and if he saved me from that horrible thing that I was going to commit that I would turn my life around and dedicated to him. 

But I received no sign or acknowledgement that he was listening to me until I mentioned these words “Father in Heaven I don’t have much to give you I’m just a lowly person and sinner please save me from this deathI give you my heartto do what you must” and that is were I experienced salvation and fire from head to toe I felt the spirit of Elohim burn me and cleanse me from the vices and thoughts that were consuming me, I tell you the truth this is what really happened he saved me from actual death and from this point my spiritual journey began.

So for the last 13 years I have been growing and learning about the true living Elohim and his Truth I also have had different learning experiences with other religious beliefs but those were stepping stones that He let me pass through so my faith could be grounded, I still make mistakes but I repent and continue this race that we are all running and I pray that whoever reads this may have the same experience and reach that higher spirituality that YAHUAH has for each of his children

What I believe

I believe that the creators name is YAHUAH not The Lord.

I believe that the messiahs name is Yahusha not Jesus.

I believe in the commandments of YAHUAH not all 613 can be kept today.

I believe in the Feasts of YAHUAH.

I believe in the Food Laws.

I believe in wearing tassels or fringes.

I believe that the Sabbath should be kept on the seventh day.

I believe that our spiritual mother is the Ruach Ha Kodosh (Holy Spirit) the Shekina and wife of YAHUAH.

I believe that the Sabbath is kept according to the lunar cycle and that the full moon begins the 30 day count.

I believe that when you accept the true living Elohim you are drafted into his family and are an Hebrew Israelite .

I believe that the Sabbath begins at day time rather than evening.

I believe that Messiah Yahusha came in the flesh and was put to death on the stake and then resurrected and finally taken up to heaven fulfilling the mission that was planned since the foundation of the world.

There are many beliefs that I and my family keep that are proven through scripture that I cannot list here, but can be read throughout this website which is dedicated to YAHUAH for the purpose of instructing the lost tribes of Israel.