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It is with gratitude that YAHUAH’s Word acknowledges the various authors of these articles, we still encourage the reader to research for his/her self and to let the guidance of the Ruach haKodosh lead them into all truth.

We are called by YAHUAH to prove all things, and to hold fast to that which is GOOD, also to test the spirits to see if they are of Eloah.  Keep this in mind while we study His word and Truth.
While we do not always agree with everything they teach, we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to make their research available here.


History Of A Lie:

Our Creators Calendar:

The Great Calendar Controversy:

Changing Weeks:

Two Covenants In The Torah:

A Most Important Discovery:

Gold Wars:

Jerusalem The Final Countdown:

Mashiach Ben Yoseph:

Nazarene Israel 3rd Edition:

Rest Days:

The Final Testimony Of The Two Witnesses:

The Robe Of The Most High:

Wings Of An Eagle:

Why We Call Him YAHUAH:

Its About Time:

The Wilderness A Place of Safety & Refuge:

God’s Holy Day’s vs Man’s Holidays:

Breaking Curses Including Generational Curses:

Major Spiritual Warfare Principles:

The Besorah of YAHUSHA:

The Book of Blessings:


Always check back we are always updating this website with new revealed information.


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