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  • The Purpose Of The Shabbat

    By James on December 17, 2013
    The Purpose Of Keeping Shabbat   Shabbat Is A Day Of: Peace/Shalom Reflection Soul Searching Obedience Renewal of Spirit Demonstrating Mercy/Hesed Rest From Labors and Cares of The World Getting Closer and Being Intimate With Eternal YAHUAH Repentance Prayer Showing Compassion Being Good/Tov Allying With YAHUAH Praising Singing Giving Being Thankful Love/Avahah Remembrance Deliverance/Casting Out Devils Forgiving and Being Forgiven […]
  • YAHUAHS True Shabbat / Sabbath Day

    By James on November 19, 2013
    The day of Resurrection of YAHUAHsha the firstfruit of all. It purges out all the leavened bread of malice in the hearts of those who repent from their foolishness, in order to receive the baptism of Kodosh Spirit he first fruits of His resurrection PROLOGUE There is a reason for this writer to use the pseudonym pen name Emet ZeraYahu. […]